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Ashika offers corporate training programs on how to cultivate a growth mindset, stress management and corporate wellness. All these programs can be customized to suit the needs of the organization. The programs combine coaching and experiential learning techniques to create a unique employee wellness experience.

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Performing Under Pressure

The Key to Managing Stress Effectively

Deep dive into the psycho-biology of stress. Empower yourself through evidence based techniques to maintain high productivity and feeling of well being, even in a high pressure environment. Examine how your own attitudes and behaviors can contribute to a heightened feeling of stress. Explore tools and techniques to have more constructive dialogues about stress at the workplace.

Desert Plant

Fixed Mindset to Growth Mindset

Adopt Healthy Attitudes to Harness your Full Potential 

Understand how to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Learn to identify limiting belief systems that keep you trapped in old patterns of avoidance, victimization and pleasing behavior. Learn techniques to move to a more empowered approach where you can create new patterns based on empathy, involvement and joy through embracing vulnerability. Move from your comfort zone to your growth zone. 

Digital Mind

Increase your personal Wellbeing

Through Research Based Practices

Happiness is seldom derived in the ways we typically expect it to be. This workshop helps you to deconstruct the myths around happiness. Drawing on research from the field of positive psychology, learn about evidence based practices to increase your subjective well being.  Work on creating healthy thought patterns, positive emotional patterns and constructive behavioral habits to actualize your potential and increase overall feelings of well being.

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